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First Aid Training East Scotland

Course Delivery

Our course delivery style is relaxed, engaging and aims to build your confidence to deliver First Aid.

Our course delivery also uses Laerdal QCPR manikins to enable us to give you the confidence that you are doing CPR right.

We are accredited by the FAIB who also regulate our qualifications.

We deliver courses at an organisation’s or person’s premises so don’t have an office or training centre to maintain, which helps manage costs.

We both have a  PVG

We use Laerdal QCPR manikins which show us, on an app, how well you are doing in real time, enabling us to guide you on both correct technique and pace.

We deliver courses in person or with a blend of in person and online learning.

Contact Us to confirm which method you would like to use.

Yes we do, because it is a very useful visual and written aid to the engaging talking delivery style we use to deliver the course. 

Depending upon the course being delivered, there may be a written exam.

Contact us (or have someone do this on your behalf) and let us know the adaptation you are looking for and we can discuss this. 

The electronic paperwork can be completed by someone who knows you and is aware of the support you need but we need to be aware of this.

What is essential is that you provide photo ID when you attend the course as part of the process to prevent a person attending a course who has not registered or completed any prior learning themselves.

Part of every first aid course we deliver is learning the principles of using a defib. You will also get a chance to use a training defibrillator.

Please contact us to discuss this further to ensure that the course we are being asked to deliver is one that aligns with the qualifications we can teach.