Our Family First Aid course is part of a suite of First Aid courses which includes First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid at Work.  The syllabus is designed to give family members a basic understanding of what First Aid can be delivered in the home.

This is a straightforward basic 2 hour first aid course for parents, grand parents, and other family members who are looking for a basic first aid course to manage choking, CPR and cuts, bumps and bruises, seizures, febrile convulsions and sepsis/meningitis.

Cost of our Family First Aid course is £25 per person, hosted at your venue, which can be your home, or at 3rd party venue at your cost. 

When you Contact Us to book this course then please let us know at time of booking the approximate age of those attending to ensure that all attending the course are comfortable with the overall mix of age groups.