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Key Facts



We deliver First Aid Industry Body regulated and accredited first aid courses to the syllabus standards set by the Health and Safety Executive.

Course theory can be online or in person, course assessments must be in person.

Our life skills and experiences from 30 years uniformed service in the Fire & Rescue Service and over 40 years as a non-hospital based RGN enable us to deliver engaging, entertaining yet educational courses.

Our course delivery and assessment standards are high but fair.

Our competitive course prices for our First Aid at Work and Paediatric First Aid at Work courses mean you get value for money from your training budget.  

How we deliver accredited First Aid courses


Our course delivery style is to use easy to understand language and engage with the learners attending the course.

We use group discussion and life experiences to explain the syllabus contents, skills and knowledge you are there to learn.

QCPR manikins are provided to give you confidence to deliver CPR, have a look at what the trainer can see using the app.

3d group

Where we deliver courses




We deliver courses at your premises helping you to maximise your training budget.

If the space you have accommodates the number of learners then happy to deliver the course at your venue. Each learner needs a floor area approximately 1.25m x 1.25m.

We have delivered courses in a nursery, office, purpose built training room, cafe, church hall to name a few locations. 

More details about what the facility standards required are here

First Aid kit contents

The advice from the HSE is that First Aid Kits should comply with BS 8599 as a minimum standard.

The First Aid Needs Assessment will identify any additional specific items.

The examples below should help explain what should be considered:         

        1. a childminder’s first aid kit will contain the BS contents and likely have more plasters than required

        2. a cafe owner will likely identify a specific burns kit is required in addition to a British Standard first aid kit. 

first aid kit

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