Delivering accredited First Aid courses across East Scotland
Regulated and accredited by the First Aid Industry Body, our interactive and engaging courses meet the syllabus standards set by the Health and Safety Executive. With decades of First Aid training and experience, we proudly support businesses, organisations and families across East Scotland.


Every second saves a life. Find out how.


First Aid At Work

Learn the skills and gain the confidence to respond to adults’ First Aid needs safely and responsibly with our accredited courses.

Paediatric First Aid at Work

Paediatric First Aid

Respond to childrens’ First Aid needs confidently with courses that meet the standards set by the Department of Education.

Family First Aid

Family First Aid

Learn how to perform basic First Aid at home and gain peace of mind with this short course for parents and family members.

Delivering our Courses

We believe in making First Aid training engaging, enjoyable and interactive, and use a
wide variety of equipment, tools and resources to bring our content to life.

In all of our courses, trainees can expect lots of active participation and plenty of opportunities for hands-on learning.

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