Our teaching style

We believe in making First Aid training enjoyable and interactive. Instead of taking in information from a PowerPoint presentation passively, learners can expect:

  • clear and accessible language and information
  • the opportunity to participate in engaging and positive discussions
  • the chance to hear about real-life First Aid situations, based on our decades of experience in the emergency service and care sectors
  • plenty of hands-on practice

Our equipment and learning resources

We use a wide range of equipment and resources to deliver our course content and to support our participants’ learning. This includes:

  • a booklet for learners to use throughout the course and then keep
  • access to online learning modules (where the organiser has chosen a course with a blended delivery model)
  • examples of physical equipment such as adrenaline auto-injectors, tourniquets, slings and dressings
  • training defibrillators and mannequins for teaching CPR skills, supported by the use of an app (as shown in this video)

Where we teach

We serve organisations, businesses and families across the East of Scotland, including Edinburgh, Tayside, Angus, Perth & Kinross.

We can teach all of our courses at your premises. In order to do this safely and comfortably for all our participants, we have a few requirements for our teaching spaces:

  • The room size should be a minimum 4 m x 4m for 12 students. For larger groups, the room should be approximately 1.25 square metres per student.
  • Ventilation should be adequate for the teaching space.
  • Floors should be carpeted. Alternatively, mats should be available for use during practical sessions.
  • The room should be heated to a ‘shirt sleeve’ temperature.
  • Lighting should be suitable for reading.
  • The space should be clear, tidy and hygienic.
  • Separate toilet facilities for male and female students must be available.
  • The space should be free of distracting noise.
  • The space should be accessible and safe, with clearly-marked exits.


If you don’t have suitable premises available, we’d be happy to discuss the possibility of teaching at third-party premises. Once we’ve agreed on a location, we’ll add the price of the venue to the cost of your course booking. Alternatively, you can source a venue of your choice and book this separately.

Where we teach First Aid